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The mass mortality event, in fact, did not affect the nearby Tyrrhenian waters, which provided a comparison population whose density was slightly less than the maximum known for this species (Peharda et al.
It is possible that some isolated amphibians could have been missed, but certainly not a mass mortality event. It is also possible that the extended rainy season with constant downpour rains decreased or diluted the reproductive events by these amphibian species.
Such mass mortality events occur when a large percentage of a population dies in a short time frame.
Evidently, the relatively undamaged specimens were victims of the mass mortality event. However, one animal was entirely denuded of spines, and the ventral side of the test of two others was broken open.
Utilising a spatially explicit integral projection model (IPM), the authors ran simulations to determine how each of these three management strategies would influence recovery after a mass mortality event. The simulations measured the number of instances where a catch was able to return to a level above the threshold of collapse.
Our results, even preliminary, provide the first potential explication to the mass mortality event in this species.
Wildlife health management was high on the agenda of the preceding Technical Workshop, given the mass mortality event in the Betpak-dala population in Kazakhstan in May 2015.
"You see a report on a single event, and scientists speculate on the causes so far as anyone can tell." You might see some anecdotal hand-waving about climate change or point-source pollution, but the events themselves are usually treated as one-offs, and are rarely put in larger context; Fey's study was the first to try to identify patterns in such mass mortality events. He thinks we are perhaps too fascinated by the general carnage to take the necessary step back.
While there are no known die-offs of bats attributed to microcystin, mass mortality events in bats have been attributed to Anabaena toxin (Pybus et al., 1986) and anthropogenic environmental toxins (Thies and Thies, 1997; Clark, 2001).
However, while north Atlantic eelgrass recovery has been slow, and it is unlikely that sea urchins will ever rebound to past abundances in the Caribbean, many mass mortality events are ephemeral.
An improved understanding of possible causes of such episodic mass mortality events will thus aid in management of commercial fisheries and natural conservation.
03 Contract Award Notice (below OJEU threshold) or call off from a framework (any value): Zero Waste Scotland wishes to appoint a contractor with a good working knowledge of fish farming in Scotland in order to prepare a report for the Scottish Government on contingency planning for mass mortality events within the finfish farming industry in Scotland.