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M/LMore Or Less
M/LMaintenance Level
M/Lmass per unit length (physics)
M/LMilligram Per Liter
M/LMinelayer (US Navy)
M/LMiles per Litre (fuel consumption)
M/Lnautical miles per litre
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Length l 1.0 [m] Mass per unit length p 2.73 [kg/m] Mass moment of inertia [I.sub.p] 2.79e (-4) [kgm] Cross sectional area A 3.5e (-4) [[m.sup.4]] Area moment of inertia I 3.57e (-8) [[m.sup.4]] Young's modulus E 2.00e11 [Pa] Shear modulus G 7.69e10 [Pa] Shear coefficient K 5/6 Desired contact force [[lambda].sub.d] -100 [N] Desired translational position of the slider [S.sub.d] 0.1 [m]
in which [m.sub.b], [E.sub.b] [I.sub.b], and [C.sub.b] represent the mass per unit length, flexural rigidity, and viscous damping per unit length of bridge.
This was followed by drawing and drafting of the card sliver to the required mass per unit length resulting into drawn sliver.