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MSCDMetropolitan State College of Denver
MSCDMicrosoft Compact Disc
MSCDMass Storage Class Driver
MSCDManual of Style for Contract Drafting (American Bar Association)
MSCDDoctor of Metaphysical Science (degree)
MSCDMicrosoft Secure Content Downloader (software)
MSCDMirror Symmetric Centroid Difference (picosecond lifetime measurement)
MSCDMean Spherical Candela (average value of the luminous intensity of a light source in all directions)
MSCDMicrosoft Certified Developer
MSCDMilitary Support for Civil Defense
MSCDMost Significant Cognitive Disabilities (No Child Left Behind testing)
MSCDMixed Signal Circuit Design
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The CY4640 includes the USB host software stack, a mass storage class driver, a file system and associated supporting software modules, as well as a sample application layer and hardware that enable customers to evaluate a design at various stages of development.