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MAMaster of Arts (degree)
MAMassachusetts (US postal abbreviation)
MAMature Audiences (TV program rating)
MAMildly Amused
MAMarket America (independent entrepenurial corporation founded by James H Ridinger)
MAMoving Average
MAMedical Assistance
MAMedical Assistant
MAMeta Analysis
MAMilitary Academy (West Point, NY)
MAManagement Accounting
MAMicrosoft Access
MAMove Along
MAMannheim, Germany (license plate)
MAManual (welding)
MAMid-Atlantic (region; various organizations)
MAMetropolitan Area
MAMonoclonal Antibody
MAMorocco (ISO country code, top level domain)
MAMultiple Access
MAMadagascar (Malagasy)
MAManagement Agent (metadirectory services)
MAMartial Artist (gaming, Anarchy Online)
MAMedicare Advantage
MAMexican American (classification)
MAManagement Analyst
MAMilitary Applications
MAMassive Attack (band)
MAMaranhao (Brazil)
MAMap Analysis
MAMillion Years (geology)
MAMission Accomplished
MAMarin Academy (California)
MAMittelalter (German: Middle Ages)
MAMaranhão (Brazilian state)
MAMedical Advisor
MAMichael Alexander (jewelry)
MAMilitary Attaché (US Navy)
MAMission Assurance (Homeland Defense)
MAMarijuana Anonymous
MAMaintenance Agreement
MAMultiple Award
MAMartha Argerich (pianist)
MAMechanical Advantage (machines)
MAManagement Activity
MAMaanantai (Finnish: Monday)
MAMeasurement and Analysis (process area; Capability Maturity Model Integration)
MAMaster-at-Arms (military rating)
MAMorbid Angel (band)
MAMartial Artist (gaming)
MAMaritime Administration
MAMember Association (various organizations)
MAMemetic Algorithm (evolutionary computing)
MAMaleic Anhydride
MAManagement Accounts
MAModified Atmosphere
MAMental Age
MAMarketing Authorization
MAMean Average (mathematics)
MAMetropolitan Area Network
MAMagister Artium (Master of Arts)
MAMissed Abortion
MAMultimedia Authoring
MAMission Area
MAMandelic Acid
MAModern Apprenticeship
MAMobile Armor (Gundam series)
MAMobile Assistant
MAMonitoring Agency
MAMajor Arcana (Lineage 2 game armor set)
MAMedical Attendant
MAMechanical Animals (Marilyn Manson album)
MAMission Analysis
MAMicroaneurysm (ophthalmology)
MAMetabolic Analyzer (US NASA)
MAMass Analyzer
MAMolecular Absorption
MAMaterials Analyst
MAMissed Approach
MAMilitary Assistant
MAMoored Alongside
MAMaintenance Action
MAMortuary Affairs
MAMaître Auxiliaire (French: Adjunct Professor)
MAMissed Appointment
MAMedical Administrator
MAMinnehaha Academy (Minneapolis)
MAMotorcycling Australia
MAMission Assignment
MAMasurium (element)
MAMobility Agent
MAMultiple Answer
MAManaged Availability (computing)
MAMinor Arterial (State highway Information)
MAMinor Actinide
MAMaximum Allowance
MAMargin Agreement
MAMessage Analysis
MAMain Assist (Everquest)
MAMiddle Assyrian
MAMarshalling Area
MAMakarska, Croatia (license plate)
MAMagnetic Amplifier
MAMission Abort
MAMaintenance Administrator
MAMaster Administrator
MAManual Assist (nursing)
MAMilitary Aircrew
MAMaintaining Activity
MAManagement Advocate
MAMusic Ant (online guide for music software)
MAMaître Ès Arts (French: Master of Arts)
MAMega Annum (one million years, geological chronology)
MAMobilization Assistant
MAMerchandise Analyst (retail)
MAMaintainability Analysis
MAMaintenance and Adaptation (ATMF)
MAMobile Allocation (PCS - GSM)
MAManufacturing Approval
MAMesh Antenna
MAMotorist Assist
MAMachine Accountant (Naval Rating)
MAMemory Administration
MAMatureAsskickers (gaming clan)
MAMini Alert (System Sensor Sounder)
MAMaster of Audiology
MAMechanical Ambush
MAMulti-Alert (system sensor brand name)
MAMediArchive (website)
MAMagical Alliance (gaming group)
MAMJU Alert (Hekimian)
MAWillys-Overland 1/4 Ton 4 X 4 Truck (1st Model of WWII Jeep)
MAMalev Hungarian Airlines Limited - Hungary (IATA airline code)
MAMakeshift Apathy (Michigan band))
MAMultichambered Autoinjector
MA(USN Rating) Master-At-Arms
MAMiscible Accounting
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Interestingly, the TOF mass analyzer enabled us to detect the molecule ions ([M.sup.+]) of each alkaloid in itself and generate their molecular formulae with errors lower than 10 ppm (Table 1 and Table S1).
The 7000A is heavily based on Agilent's 5975C GC/MSD in terms of both external feel, the interface for the user, the quartz quadrupole mass analyzer and other internal components of the system.
Users can chose from ion sources (chemical ionization, electrospray ionization, and MALDI), different mass analyzers (time-of-flight, quadrupole, quadrupole ion trap, linear quadrupole ion trap, orbitrap, and more), and different detectors.
The CIS ionizer produces ions by electron impact directly at process pressure, while the rest of the mass analyzer and the filament are kept under high vacuum.
Positively charged molecules are detected after separation in the first mass analyzer region (MS1) and in the final mass analyzer region (MS2).
The system is designed for a wide range of qualitative and quantitative analyzes, sensitive identification and accurate determination of low-molecular substances of synthetic and biological origin where the high resolution and sensitivity of the mass analyzer play a key role.
Mass spectrometers with more than one mass analyzer (tandem MS or MS-MS) provide the next higher level of confidence in identifying banned substances.
Runners-up included the Advance Quantra FTICR mass spectrometer from Siemens Applied Automation Inc., Bartlesville, Okla.; the SMART Trac System from CEM Corp., Matthews, N.C., a microwave NMR system; and the Radiance Pro, which is a quadrupole ion-trap time-of-flight mass analyzer, from Syagen Technology Inc., Tustin, Calif.
Plasma equipment with inductive coupling and detection by mass spectrometry: a) single quadruple mass analyzer (icp-ms).
The system includes a front-end quadrupole mass analyzer that enables tandem MS experiments, which Bruker refers to as "Mass Selective Ion Enrichment." Improvements over the previous model include mass accuracy in the sub-ppm range, a mass range of 100-10,000 Da and resolution of 900,000 FWHM with a 7 Tesla magnet and 1.5 million FWHM with a 9.4 Tesla magnet.
A redesigned hyperbolic mass analyzer with a higher mass range capability provides quality data for higher mass applications.
One MS/MS system uses an ESI source to bring complete molecules into a quadrupole mass analyzer. The mass specie of interest then goes on to a collision cell, where collisions with neutral gas atoms break up the macromolecules into smaller components.