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As training applicable to dental hygiene is developed and tested, dental hygienists can continue to add to response capabilities during a mass fatality incident. Additional research in this area could contribute to identification of teaching methods to to better prepare dental hygienists for a mass fatality incident.
Mass fatality incidents, whether natural or manmade, occur often and can overwhelm local, state and government agencies, resources, and personnel quickly.
Lab equipment included a portable handheld x-ray device (Nomad Pro[R]; Aribex, Inc[TM], Charlotte, NC), a direct digital image sensor (Schick Elite[R]; Sirona Dental Inc.[TM], Long Island, NY), and a modified image receptor holder, which is used at onsite, temporary morgues during mass fatality incidents.
Students reported similar interest in learning more about the role of the dental hygienist in disaster victim identification for mass fatality incidents from baseline (99.9%) to post-test (94.8%).
Major differences exist when working in mortuary or temporary morgue settings often used during a mass fatality incident. Dental hygienists are viewed as an asset to mass fatality incidents and identification efforts; however, there are very few training programs that focus on preparing the dental hygienist for disaster response.
(24) In particular during a mass fatality incident, the deceased may be stored for prolonged periods of time, increasing the risk of infectious disease transmission.
Coding using victim identification software is not the same as clinical dental charting; dental hygienists should have experience working in a victim identification system prior to a mass fatality incident.
The victim identification software used should be established prior to and be in place at the mass fatality incident site; this is necessary for uploading any antemortem records collected for records comparisons.
(35,36) Dental hygienists are an asset on mass fatality incident teams because they can expose radiographic images and provide interpretation of antemortem and postmortem radiographs.
Addressing mass fatality incident preparedness didactically is a challenge because the literature is void of curriculum models for dental hygiene training in the area of mass fatality incident and victim identification.
(20,43) It is recommended that dental hygiene advocates petition change on collecting notice of willingness to volunteer for mass fatality incident through licensure and licensure renewal periods.
Forensic odontology is the proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence, which will be presented in the interest of justice, and has been a major contributor to victim identification in mass fatality incidents. (5) This includes collecting and recording both antemortem records and postmortem records.