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MFRMemorandum For Record
MFRRogue Valley International/Medford Airport (airport code; Medford, OR, USA)
MFRMaison Familiale Rurale (French: Rural Family House; educational association)
MFRMarine Forces Reserve (USMC)
MFRMinimum Funding Requirement
MFRMineFactory Reloaded
MFRMultifuntion Relay (various companies)
MFRMyofascial Release
MFRMelt Flow Rate
MFRMissing Frame Ratio
MFRMulti Frequency Receivers
MFRMulti Function Recorder
MFRMultiple Frame Rate
MFRMoray Firth Radio (UK Radio Station)
MFRManaging for Results
MFRMass Flow Rate
MFRMemorandum for the Record
MFRMultilink Frame Relay
MFRMitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd. (Japan)
MFRManipulator Foot Restraint (US NASA)
MFRMedical First Responder
MFRMulti Family Residential
MFRMedicinska Forskningsrådet (Swedish Medical Research Council)
MFRMaria Fiorini Ramirez (New York; New York)
MFRMulti-Function Recorder (Addonics)
MFRMaximum Flight Rate
MFRMulti-Filter Radiometer
MFRMultifunction Radar
MFRMiddle French (linguistics)
MFRMarine Force Recon
MFRMilitary Flight Release (US Air Force)
MFRMy Finest Regards
MFRMotion for Relief
MFRMiddle Finger Response
MFRMale-Female Relationship (psychology)
MFRMedford, OR, USA - Medford-Jackson County Airport (Airport Code)
MFRMamari Freres (Lebanon)
MFRMulti Frequency Receiver
MFRMemo for the Record
MFRMulti-Function Radio
MFRMobile Force Reserve (UK MoD)
MFRMission Fired Report
MFRMost Forward with Fixed Radius
MFRMinimum Financial Responsibility
MFRMatched-Filter Receiver
MFRModulation Frequency Range
MFRMonthly Failure Rate
MFRMaterial Failure Report
MFRMountain Fresh Rainier
MFRMen and Family Relationships (Australia)
MFRMaintenance Fault Reporting
MFRManipulator/Mobile Foot Restraint
MFRMalfunction Receiver
MFRMember of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (award)
MFRMcLean Family Restaurant (McLean, VA)
MFRMaximum Fragment Range (military munitions)
MFRMainfranken Racing e.V. (Germany)
MFRMaintenance Fee Revenue
MFRMaster Formula Record (pharmaceutical)
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The compressor power is related to the mass flow rate through the compressor [m.sub.c], the isentropic efficiency [[eta].sub.c] and the inlet and outlet temperatures and pressures.
Two DOEs were conducted based on the appropriate grouping: the first group focused on the influence of the orifice geometry and in the second DOE the chamber geometry, gas pressures, and mass flow rate of oil through orifice are considered.
The ACC flow rate was larger in the calculation compared to the LSTF test, which caused larger fluctuation in the NC mass flow rate (Figure 10).
The resin mass flow rate at the mold inlet is reduced as it is being filled by resin.
Under the same inlet conditions ([P.sub.cri] and [T.sub.cri]), air side conditions, and refrigerant mass flow rate [m.sub.ref], subcooling is used as the criterion for judging condenser performance.
The measured air velocity is used to determine air mass flow rate as:-(mass flow rate = velocity * area * density).
Following assumptions are made to simplify the model: (1) Refrigerant distribution is uniform among microchannel tubes in each pass; (2) at each port in the same tube, refrigerant mass flow rate is the same; (3) no heat is conducted along the tube nor between tubes through fins; (4) all headers are adiabatic; (5) incoming air has uniform temperature and velocity profile.
Because the volume of FCM tanks are smaller than FCV tanks, the mass flow rate is relatively small when using a constant-flow-rate fueling method.
Since [tau] represents the time until the TWC becomes saturated with oxygen, it is expected to vary inversely with the mass flow rate of oxygen.
The total mass flow rate passing through the vortex nozzle is equal to the sum of mass flow rates entering through the nozzle's axial and tangential flow inlets.