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Today's mass-market paperbacks are not as inexpensive, even adjusting for inflation; they require more than an hour's work at minimum wage, the early standard for pricing.
The copublishers who signed on for the original paperback in 1993, said they were neither invited to compete nor notified fied that a mass-market paperback was imminent.
The mass-market paperback, written by New Hampshire authors Kevin Flynn & Rebecca Lavoie, is published by Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Press.
Kensington accounts for about seven percent of all mass-market paperback sales in the United States, according to the company.
The imprint is expected to be small, building up to 12 titles, and Doubleday and Knopf authors with separate mass-market paperback deals will not be moving from them to the new venture, reports Publishers Weekly.
He added that the publisher is hoping to clear the way for the mass-market paperback to be released in the summer with a first printing of 500,000.
The novel, a long-stander on the mass-market paperback charts, is claiming press runs of only 1.