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MTCPMalaysian Technical Cooperation Programme
MTCPMassachusetts Tobacco Control Program (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)
MTCPMaster of Town and Country Planning (UK)
MTCPMark Thomas Comedy Product (TV show)
MTCPMissile Tube Control Panel
MTCPMultiplexer Timing Communications Package
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In conjunction with the Massachusetts Tobacco Control program, the media campaign was credited with reducing per capita cigarette consumption by more than 47 percent since 1997 and curtailing smoking by high school students by 27 percent, according to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.
The first decade of the Massachusetts tobacco control program.
In 1992, a Massachusetts ballot initiative raised taxes 25 cents per pack, with the resulting revenue to be used for creation of the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program.
The second article is published in 2000 and looks at the effects of Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program on smoking.
A Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP)-funded study, entitled "Smoke Knows No Boundaries: legal strategies for environmental tobacco smoke incursions into the home within multi-family residential dwellings," suggested how governments could be used to ban smoking in the home, specifically within apartment complexes.
Independent evaluation of the Massachusetts tobacco control program.
A report published in the 17 September 1999 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report conducted by the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP) assessed adolescents' knowledge and use of bidis.
Greg Connolly, head of the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program.
For example, the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program, funded by a 24 [cts.
Greg] Connolly runs the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program.
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