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MASTADONUS NASA Tracking Station At Meritt Island
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The mastadon (a mammothlike creature), the saber tooth tiger and the giant sloth met their deaths here, sucked down by the boggy mud.
While one reader imagines "a cave man killing a dinosaur with the jawbone of a mastadon," another hears "music struck out of the silver strings of a harp by the wings and feets of angels," and yet another envisions "the anti-christ of capitalism bayonetting the babies of the poor" and all responses are received as proof of each member's novel imagination.
There was a Swammerdam, and there was an Olaus Worm with his Museum Wormianum; and Charles Willson Peale did have his museum in Philadelphia, to which Benjamin Franklin donated the carcass of an Angora cat and where you could also see a mastadon and mechanical devices like the Eidophusikon, which showed primitive movies.