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M/SMeter(s) per Second
M/SModeling and Simulation
M/SMail Stop (postal abbreviation)
M/SMessieurs (plural of Mister)
M/Smiles per second
M/SMotor Ship
M/SMiniature Sheet (of stamps)
M/SMessage Switch
M/SMonths After Sight
M/SMedia and Status
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Master/slave or Mistress/ slave--these are the second most common of the D/s relationships and are the most common relationship in the het BDSM community.
The HRD option provides higher availability and better, more predictable performance compared to the Master/Slave Datastore, the blog post said.
They are priced at 600 yen each, much lower than the master/slave ASIC at 1,600 yen a piece, because they have a smaller die size due to the smaller number of gates required as a result of removing the master function.
In addition to 16 fast inputs and outputs, the controller base module of the IndraMotion MLC offers standardized communication interfaces such as Ethernet, PROFIBUS (master/slave), RS232, and SERCOS.
It is a perennial on the BIBR FLYING OFF THE SHELVES list (see page 78) and is based on 18th-century writings about how to control the master/slave relationship.
This friction of a master/slave relationship with God, on the one, hand and the absurdity of feeling jealous toward him on the other, eventually becomes so frustrating that the only remedy is to evict God from our lives.
The STC3500 can operate in free run, locked or hold over mode, and supports master/slave operation with continuous input reference quality monitoring.
The adapter features a zinc backshell to improve heat dissipation and EMI performance, and supports auto-negotiation for full-duplex, master/slave, automatic MDI crossover and pause flow control over the host SERDES and/or the CAT 5 interface.
Perhaps this is a drawback to using the master/slave dialectic as a critical model: Lukacs, as the master, will appear as more "real" than Bakhtin, who is posited as the mimicking slave.
The host bus adapter is the true bus master and uses the master/slave status of the drives to route requests to the correct device and to determine the boot device.
Multiple networks can be organized as multi level master/slave architectures, or even as daisy chains along a pipeline spanning hundreds of miles.