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MBUSMagpul Back-Up Sight (rifles)
MBUSMemory Bus
MBUSMaster Bus
MBUSMessage Bus
MBUSMaintenance Group Blocking Unblocking Sending
MBUSMaster of Business
MBUSModule Bus
MBUSMaintenance Bus
MBUSMaking Best Use of Science (UK)
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Clearly, by Edmonds 'generating' lots of laughs with his 'bragging',' (now has a Route Master bus to beat the system), he thinks he's smart.
Part of the overall design (Figure 1) is a 1-wire master bus module that fully implements the 1-wire standard [4].
In buses, Hinopak and Isuzu sales fell to 149 and 20 units from 336 and 80 units while Master bus emerged triumphant by registering sales of 107 units as compared to 52 units.
Under this context, a cost-effective and power-efficient control bus named as master bus (MBUS) [10] has been proposed for specific IoT applications as our previous work, making a better balance between the limited energy on tiny-size embedded chips and high speed requirement of complex computations.
Through its Mobile Business School, (a 1966 Route Master Bus) the bank is working with key partners in local communities to provide business and enterprise support where needed most.
We also picked up a couple of a fabulous Route Master bus fabric signs at the International Art Collectors Fair in Newark earlier in the year.
NatWest is joining the campaign as a headline sponsor, along with accounting software company sage, by providing its 1966 Route Master bus for the tour.
"Will you buy the new Route Master bus for Masdar?....It has the hop-on-hop-off-fall-over feature that we loved so much, that was taken away by the health and safety fanatics."
The sports car manufacturer has designed a new double-decker Route master bus, building solar panels into a glass roof.
After travelling through France and Belgium in a convoy of camper vans and the Nationwide Fans England Route Master bus we reached sunny Frankfurt.
Recognised worldwide as a symbol of London and Britain, the TXII cab took its place at the Showcase of British Design alongside other British icons such as the Concorde nosecone, original Mini, red telephone box and a Route Master bus.
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