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MOUMemorandum Of Understanding
MOUMinutes of Use (telephony)
MOUMinnesota Ornithologists Union
MOUMinutes of Use
MOUMaximum Oxygen Uptake
MOUMarried out of Unity (Quaker religion)
MOUMobile Offshore Unit (oil drilling)
MOUMountain Village, Alaska (Airport Code)
MOUMeasure of Utility (various businesses)
MOUMatching-Optics Unit
MOUMaster of the Obvious
MOUMaster of Universe
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And now, in this corner we have the FDA, which holds the title of "Master of the Obvious." (I would like to thank Clare Hasler--see State of the Industry, which starts on page 34--for her inspiration in writing this part of my editorial.)
Pat Seybold has based her career on proving to people who run businesses on the Internet the continuing truth of the old business adage: "The customer is always right." If at first the author seems to be demonstrating that she is master of the obvious, Seybold and her associates deserve more credit than that.
Master of the obvious. I guess he feels the pilot still needs a talking to from me after suffering the humiliation of the Air Boss screaming at him three times for his lights, with the entire ship listening on the PLAT.
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