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MPŠMinistarstvo Poljoprivrede, Šumarstva I Vodnoga Gospodarstva (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestery and Water management, Croatia)
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However, this safety stock may inflate the master production schedule by overstating requirements for all resources and result in high inventory carrying cost.
The use case diagram for setting the master production schedule is depicted in Figure 1.
Most of the ERP vendors we surveyed use some form of MRP to generate and execute the Master Production Schedule. Many also support an "auto-release" function for scheduling orders based on specific promise dates.
The plant design was based solely on its master production schedule (i.e., linear, narrow with long bays), which was a short-term outlook relying on the anticipated use of paper as a raw material.
The MRP (Manufacturing Requirements Planning) formula computes a future projection of the inventory level--on a time horizon at least equal to the total upstream lead-time--by algebraically summing the stock at hand, the planned receipts and the gross requirements coming from the MPS (Master Production Schedule): if the projected inventory level of a certain item gets below the predefined safety stock level, a new procurement or production order is released (Fig.
The ability of the supply base, internal and external, to execute is first and foremost determined by the accuracy and integrity of the master production schedule.
When the ERP system creates the master production Schedule for an order, this raw materials inventory database is checked to confirm availability.
At the planning level, the schedule activities include corporate strategic plan, business plan, aggregate production plan, master production schedule and material requirements plan.
(APICS), MRP is a set of techniques that uses bill of material data, inventory data, and the master production schedule to calculate requirements for materials (Foldoc, 2008).
A Master Production Schedule (MPS) provides tight connections at a more detailed level.
90% Production plan ..................90% Master production schedule .......90% Materials requirements planning....90% Capacity requirements planning ....90% Bill of materials ................99% Inventory accuracy ...............95% Routings .......................
For example, if there is an unrealistic master production schedule, or inaccurate bills of material, or poor inventory data, a company could be trapped into pulling the wrong parts or stopping production for lack of the right parts.
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