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The worshipful master requests all bretherin of Buddle Lodge to attend the funeral of our late brother W.bro Gordon Mackenzie which will take place on Monday 26th June at 12.45pm at Whitley Bay Crematorium.
The Ship's master requested the Claimant to rescue the Ship and guide it into Khorfakkan Port and allow her to enter Khorfakkan Port.
The Worshipful Master requests the Brethren of Ryton St.
The engines were stopped, but Master requested to re-start the engines as the ship was apparently near the rocks, however, the rocks were quickly revealed to be the top of Palm tress, where the vessel was first placed by surge, subsequently kissing the ground, when surge was over.
Orders are prepared by the Master at the case conference or shortly afterward, unless one or both of the parties has legal representation and the Master requests counsel to prepare the order.
The master requests data from the first outstation, then moves on to the next outstation for its data, and continually interrogates each outstation in a round-robin order.
One PLC acts as master--it requests and writes data, all other PLC's are slaves and responds to master requests. (Fig.
"The ship's master requested passengers to assemble in 'safe havens' as part of a pre-planned safety procedure."
A spokesman for Seatruck Ferries, which owns Riverdance, said: "The conditions are such that the master requested helicopter transfer of all personnel.
The Worshipful Master requests past Masters and brethen of Homelyn Lodge Number 6075 to attend the funeral of our late brother Gladstone Henderson at St.
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