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M-SMid-Side (stereo recording technique)
M-SMiznay-Shardin (mine plate charge)
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To be sure, this work does not purport to be the final word on Hegel's master-slave dialectic or Fanon's engagement with Hegel's dialectic.
In this paper, we introduce an alternative design approach for designing [C.sup.2]MOS based master-slave flip-flop, based on a new architecture with reduced transistor count and improved power-delay-area product.
While Rousseau cites societal inequality leading to a lack of freedom, Hegel labels the slave in the master-slave relationship as the relationship's "truth." In this capacity, the slave, unequal to his master, acts to reach recognition by rising against him.
Master-slave relationships run through each of the novels (130), reaffirming an "awareness of the constructions of race, gender, class, and ethnicity" along lines of color, appearance, behavior, and possessions (130-31).
Intelligent master-slave control is a technology that can lead to peripheral simultaneous cutting off or turning on according to the host computer's order.
This dialectic, "source and measure" (415) of the master-slave and man-woman dialectics, appears in the concrete and persistent reality of the Jewish people as both adversarial and conjugal, ultimately resolving itself in the supernatural "interference" of these two dimensions.
A lecture summarizing West and Schwartz on this issue could suffice, but not when I asked myself the following: How can I engage students in such a way as to ensure that they fully understand the complexities of the master-slave relationship?
14 (ANI): The intention behind the United States providing preconditioned financial aid to Pakistan is that it wants to establish master-slave relations with the country, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has said.
Mobile agent patterns (4) are emerging in the design of Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE), and several of these patterns were given intuitive meaningful names such as messenger, notifier, and master-slave pattern.
These small, electrically-powered modular conduction heaters provide a very flexible means of configuring explosion-proof fluid heater systems -- multiple units can be operated in a master-slave arrangement to provide the required power output level, and they can be sandwiched around a tube of any appropriate material to create a highly efficient heat exchanger.
Also, with the help of another NXT system we managed to dignify the Master-Slave relation between two mobile robots communicating throw Bluetooth.
When the cult was uncovered in May 2006, Thompson tried to claim no-one in his master-slave relationships was harmed.
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