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An aggressive ( price matching policy gave customers an incentive to shop at Best Buy more in recent years.
By mixing and matching policy forms, endorsements, and optional coverages aimed at broader protection, each policyholder can obtain property insurance suited to his or her exact circumstances.
Here, the deviation between the overall matching degree of the exceptional request (i.e., [mu]([q.sub.*])) and the closest matching policy (the standard normalization value "1") is used as the risk indicator of each exceptional authorization.
Stores that have a wide product assortment as well as a price matching policy are great for that reason.
Sainsbury's claimed their price matching policy had forced Tesco into cutting prices.
Pediatric kidney transplant patients may benefit from change in HLA-B matching policy Avoiding mismatching cell surface antigens between donors and recipients might benefit pediatric kidney transplant patients, according to a new study in the July Archives of Surgery.
Many stores have a price matching policy where they will match a competitor's sale price.
Moreover, this form of narrow partial matching policy still imposes
We can do our best to do the right thing with respect to environment policy, but we need to have both feet firmly on the ground now and then." I do not see in those words a call for doing nothing--I do see implicit in them a call for clarity and thoughtfulness in matching policy tools to policy targets.
There are several components within SMS, but the well-established HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) functionality was the catalyst that enabled businesses to ultimately address the storage capacity dilemma of matching policy based data attributes with the most cost-effective storage technologies.
Plan sponsors have significant latitude in determining their matching policy for pre-tax versus Roth contributions, although different matches would most likely impact participant contributions.
Rubano, who is in the final days of aircraft avionics school before joining the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower, said he really liked the NEX price matching policy. "We buy everything here.