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MN(A)Materiel Need (Abbreviated)
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* With entry into the war, America's materiel needs exploded, and US industries shifted dramatically to meet them.
The purpose of the FPED was to strengthen force protection programs worldwide by identifying commercial, off-the-shelf force protection equipment that may meet materiel needs. As a result of the event, PM-PSE produced and distributed CDs and videos that succinctly capture the character and intent of the demonstrated equipment.
During the Cold War that followed, for the most part, there was again little question about combat readiness and troop and materiel needs. But in 1990, just about the time the first Chief Financial Officers Act was being passed, the Soviet Union--the so called "Evil Empire" that we needed to be prepared to fight and defeat--ceased to be.
It also requires an increase in the number of sustainment assets in the combat units to transport and manage the additional materiel needed to cope with the A2/AD environment.
Once the distribution system is mapped, we need to estimate--by force or capability module, unit, and weapon system--the materiel needed each week to support the warfighter.
Lastly, materiel was moved to the "final sort" area where it was packaged based on whether or not the materiel needed escort for shipment to the next level of retrograde.
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