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MATISModular Advanced Tie-In System
MATISMakler Tele Information System
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All you have to do to win this luxurious prize is send your name and address and phone number to the address below quoting MATIS comp.
Visiting your hometown A&W to take advantage of the 'Float Your Papa Combo for Free' offer will be a great way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday," Matis added.
French cosmetic company Matis are the people who have treated the mud so it's suitable for beauty use, thankfully disposing of any of the less desirable ingredients which may be found at the bottom of this vast inland water mass located in the Great Syrian African Rift Valley, about 400 metres (1280ft) below sea level - the lowest point on Earth.
The Expedition is equipped to screen 800 to 1,000 Indians within the Matis, Marubo, Kanamari and Korubo tribes.
The Matis Bust Gel (pounds 23 - call 01322 290 101) contains wheat proteins to tighten the skin, while Decleor's Perfect Buste (pounds 27.
Delmas' shipping agents in Europe, The United States, Africa, and The Indian Ocean are also using MATIS -- in French and in English -- to capture and record customer information regarding new business opportunities and customer inquiries.
Sarah Doughty, training manager for Matis, says: "Using powder on top of fluid foundation gives the final touch to make-up.
Indianapolis Colt's cheerleaders and Johnny "Mad Dog" Matis from Q95 are joining the cookout to kick-off the Colt's first regular season home game against the Denver Broncos, September 16.
Additionally, four Labinal Power Systems sites received the "Boeing Performance Excellence Silver Award": Denton (Texas, USA), Chihuahua (Mexico), Everett (Washington, USA), and MATIS Aerospace in Casablanca (Morocco), the joint venture between Labinal Power Systems and Boeing.
Le Teint Voile Perfect Finish Radiant Loose Powder, pounds 23, Matis This velvety loose powder is grown-up and beautiful and helps bounce the light off otherwise flat-looking foundation.
95) -- October 18-25: Time Management, presented by Flora Matis, 7 p.