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However, we failed to identify asporin, fibronectin, matrilin, osteomodulin, podocan, reelin, or vitronectin in any protostome animals, suggesting that these ECM proteins may have originated within the Deuterostomia.
AAC50945 XM_001650288 9e-14 Proteoglycan Fibronectin 1 NM_212476 XM_001601320 3e-33 Matrilin 2 NP_002370 AB159149 2e-26 Netrin G1 NP_055732 EF384215 6e-40 Osteomodulin NP_005005 XM_001658446 2e-16 Podocan AAP79898 XM_001650288 5e-29 Reelin AAC51105 XM_320234 9e-04 Syndecan 1 EAX00831 XM_001361667 1e-06 Syndecan 2 NM_002998 XM_966400 5e-6 Syndecan 3 NP_055469 XM_001664162 5e-3 Syndecan 4 NM_002999 XM_001361667 4e-10 Tenascin CAA39628 XM_310633 8e-62 Vitronectin EAW51082 XM_308849 9e-30 von Willebrand fac.
Comparative genomics of the syndecans defines an ancestral genomic context associated with matrilins in vertebrates.