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MAXCinemax (premium cable channel)
MAXMaxwell AFB (Montgomery, AL)
MAXModesto Area Express (Modesto, CA)
MAXMeasurement and Automation Explorer
MAXMatrix Mixer
MAXManaged Agent Explorer
MAXMcafee Security Alliance Exchange
MAXMobile Assistant Extensions
MAXMulti Service Access Platform
MAXManagement and Administration Experience (Microsoft)
MAXMetropolitan Area Express (Portland, Oregon)
MAXMen's Associated Exchange (San Francisco, CA)
MAXMechanized Assault and Exploration (game)
MAXMedicaid Analytic Extract
MAXMicrowave Anisotropy Experiment (NASA)
MAXMobile Application Xpert (various organizations)
MAXManaged Agent Explorer (software)
MAXMassively Parallel Unix
MAXMedia Access Exchange
MAXMAT Express System
MAXManufacturers Assistance Exchange (Salem, Oregon)
MAXMain Area Exchange (telephony)
MAXMailer's Address Quality Support System (USPS)
MAXModeling and Assessment Executive
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Serving as Director of Sales for the Americas at Synthax, Derek Dadala said the new Dante- and AVB-compatible products offer a "reliable and robust" solution for providing computer recording and playback of 128 channels of audio as well as 128x128 network matrix mixer in these IP audio domains.
Every CONVERGE Matrix mixer is easy to manage, provides complete system redundancy, and leverages a hybrid systems approach with room endpoints, shared DSP processing, and centralized DSP matrix mixing, routing, and distribution.
The PSR1212 digital matrix mixer incorporates the functionality of several audio products in a single box, with simple integration and expandability.
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