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MPMMulti-Processing Module (Apache)
MPMMilwaukee Public Museum
MPMMichigan Paving and Materials (est. 1959)
MPMMMW (Millimeter Wave) Power Module
MPMMajlis Perbandaran Manjung (Malay: Manjung City Council; Manjung, Malaysia)
MPMMalignant Pleural Mesothelioma
MPMMarseille Provence Métropole (French urban community)
MPMManufacturing Process Management
MPMMaster of Project Management (degree)
MPMMount Point Manager
MPMMessage Passing Library
MPMMagnetic Permanent Memory
MPMMulti Player Mode
MPMMedia Point Manager
MPMMathplan Macro
MPMMultitasking Program for Microcomputers
MPMMulti Purpose Module
MPMMitsubishi Paper Mills (Japan)
MPMMannesmann Plastics Machinery (Germany)
MPMMarketing Performance Management
MPMMeters Per Minute
MPMMentoring Partnership of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
MPMMicrowave Power Module
MPMMulti-Project Management
MPMMobile Phone Manager (Siemens)
MPMMonitor Power Management (joint program)
MPMMaximum Permitted Mileage
MPMMission Payload Module (military and aerospace)
MPMMetra Potential Method
MPMMarket Place Mall
MPMMahoran Popular Movement (Mayotte)
MPMMicro-frame Program Manager
MPMMultiPhase Meter
MPMMaputo, Mozambique - Maputo International (Airport Code)
MPMManipulator Positioning Mechanism (NASA)
MPMMasters of Public Management (degree)
MPMMarginal Posterior Mode (CDMA detector)
MPMMatrix Pencil Method
MPMManuel Prospect Mine (California)
MPMMultilevel Pattern Matching
MPMMedical Planning Module
MPMMaximization of the Posterior Marginals
MPMManagement Processor Module
MPMMysore Paper Mills Ltd (India)
MPMMaterials Program Manager
MPMMission Planning Module
MPMMile Post Marker
MPMMicrowave Propagation Model
MPMMovement Planning Module
MPMmulti-pickup method
MPMMedium Power Microwave
MPMMillimeter Propagation Model
MPMMaintenance Planning Manual
MPMMultiprocessing Monitor
MPMMessage Preparation Module
MPMMilestone Planning Meeting
MPMMajor Program Memorandum
MPMModified Policy Memo (insurance)
MPMMeasurement Process Model
MPMMobilization Policy Memorandum
MPMMetodo Progressivo Marziale (Italian)
MPMMisplaced Mint Mark (coin collecting)
MPMmobile phone marketing
MPMMaintenance Program Management
MPMMulti-Path Model
MPMManagement of Products and Materials
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