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Rachel up; she had known that the sight of Matthew jaunting off so unaccountably would be too much for her neighbor's curiosity.
If Marilla had said that Matthew had gone to Bright River to meet a kangaroo from Australia Mrs.
Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of all people adopting a boy
So Matthew and I have talked it over off and on ever since.
Rachel would have liked to stay until Matthew came home with his imported orphan.
Matthew and Marilla don't know anything about children and they'll expect him to be wiser and steadier that his own grandfather, if so be's he ever had a grandfather, which is doubtful.
cried Matthew, pressing her tremulous form to his breast,--"we will go hence, and return to our humble cottage.
The mantle, or rather the ragged cloak, of old Matthew Maule had fallen upon his children.
Traditionalist Worker Party leader Matthew Heimbach on Tuesday was charged in Orange County, Indiana, with battery and domestic battery for attacking his wife and her stepfather.
Matthew would strut like a woman; admire Carly's perfume--Mmm, jasmine.
Matthew 25: Ministries, an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization located in Cincinnati, OH, is responding to the Valley Fire in Lake, Napa and Solano Counties in California.
THIS is the horrific bloodied state Matthew James was left in after an attack by squaddie Luke Tobin.