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MAUIMid-America Universities International (educational network)
MAUIMartial Arts University International (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
MAUIMultimedia Application User Interface (graphics device manager)
MAUIMid-Atlantic Ukulele Invitational
MAUIMulti-Attribute Utility Instrument (clinical research)
MAUIMade at the University of Iowa (web-based information system)
MAUIMultistation Access Unit Interface
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During that meeting, the Senator promised Maui veterans to press the VA to provide monthly updates on the status of the land acquisition, design, and construction of the CBOC.
Join 16th Annual Maui Asset Protection & Business Growth Conference on December 1st to 6th, 2016 at Sheraton Resort and Spa in Maui, Hawaii.
Later I focused on blogging about Maui and that became a big hit,' she explains.
On June 22, Jenny Salesa, a member of New Zealand's parliament, posted a meme to her Facebook page that compared the attractiveness of three Polynesian actors (including Johnson) to the "half pig half hippo" caricature of Maui in Moana .
Eight shark attacks near Maui have been reported this year and 13 statewide.
Maui Jim began as one man selling sunglasses on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, back in the early 1980s.
Introduced in 1996, Maui Gold pineapple is a hybrid variety of the fruit developed and harvested only by Maui Pineapple Co.
With the state unresponsive, Maui County Environmental Coordinator Rob Parsons acquired funding for the Ma'alaea Harbor Sewage Pump-out Program, which pays for onshore pumping twice a week.
Quest Commercial will identify high-traffic retail locations throughout the five boroughs and negotiate leases and fees on behalf of Maui Wowi.
We are excited to introduce these nonstop flights to Maui to our customers," said David Karp, vice president and chief operating officer of Hawaiian Vacations.