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MEDBMaui Economic Development Board (Hawaii)
MEDBMycobacterium Extensor Digitorum Brevis
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and Canada, an important source of visitors to Maui and customers for Maui businesses, said Leslie Wilkins, President and CEO of the Maui Economic Development Board.
After two decades of nurturing, tiny tech sector employs 800+ people on Maui -- only 1 percent of Valley Isle labor force (though Maui Economic Development Board {MEDB] hoping to double tech job count to 1600 jobs in next three years).
The issue was brought to her attention by the Maui Economic Development Board, and the legislation was unanimously passed by the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship earlier this month.
Maui Countys HUBZone designation has been a strong tool for helping our businesses compete for federal contracts, said Leslie Wilkins, Vice President of the Maui Economic Development Board.
So far we haven't suffered repercussions," says Jeanne Skog, president and chief executive officer for the Maui Economic Development Board.
Meanwhile, Maui Economic Development Board executive director Bob Johnson says demand remains strong for incubation facilities at the state-owned Maui Research & Technology Center (see story on page 15).
The vacancy rate (of the Maui Research and Technology Center's start-up incubator) is low enough that we are stressed," says Maui Economic Development Board president Micheal Boughton.
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