MAWUMetal and Allied Workers Union
MAWUMuslim Association of Wollongong University (Australia)
MAWUMontserrat Allied Workers' Union (Montserrat; UK)
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Since low fertility is generally regarded as sign of disapproval, couples in dire need of children pray fervently to fertility deities such as the Igbo goddess, Ala (Ani), Mawu of the Ewe and Fon, and the Yoruba Osun.
Mawu chooses a spot for cooking her stew because "that big old tree blocked the wind like a giant woman.
She befriends Lizzie then serves as something of a mediator between Lizzie and Mawu.
In the Dahomean cosmology from which Lorde draws a number of important poetic images, the ultimate mother figure is Mawu, creator of the world and mother of all the other Dahomean deities.
Being a linguist, Legba can read Fa, the writing of Mawu, and is therefore associated with fate or destiny: "Legba .
In A Burst of Light, Lorde's diary entries tell of her praying to Mawu for the strength to continue functioning in the face of what appears to be terminal cancer (91, 110-11).
As punishment, Mawu leaves Legba with this admonition: " 'Now if someone does not see you, you will not do this again.
Mawu, the woman, is in charge of the night; Lisa, the male, directs the day.
Neither is Jema Woloi in Ga synonymous with Ataa-Naa-Nyongmo nor is Trowo in Ewe synonymous with Mawu.
Professor Dovlo noted that Mawu, the Ewe name for The God, means "That which is greater than everything else," while the Akan name for The God, Onyame, in Twi means "That which outshines everything else.
He was a Dunlop shop steward, a MAWU militant, and a cultural leader.
MawuLisa and Mawu Sebou Lisa are synonymous terms for the West African Mother-Father Deity created by Great Mother Nana Buruku to give the Earth its form, rotation, and revolution, and to provide human beings with knowledge of their destiny through the Book of Fa.