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MAODMaximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit (sports medicine)
MAODMetres Above Ordnance Datum (UK)
MAODMesenteric Arterial Occlusive Disease
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Furthermore, previous studies have observed that the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (AOD; an index of anaerobic capacity) of females has been approximately 10-30% less with similar background [26, 27].
Maximal accumulated oxygen deficit expressed relative to the active muscle mass for cycling in untrained male and female subjects.
Using the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit method, Mezzani et al.
Maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD) proposed by Medbo and colleagues (18) is considered the gold standard test for anaerobic capacity.
Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit Determination (MAOD)
Anaerobic capacity: A maximal anaerobic running test versus the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit. Can J Appl Physiol.
Some studies have shown correlation between anaerobic work capacity and other anaerobic indexes, such as oxygen deficit and maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (22) and Wingate test (19).