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there is no minimum annual quantity or maximum annual quantity in the market.
for the city of colmar: minimum annual quantity: 150,000 titles, maximum annual quantity: 250,000 titles.
, as shown below: - minimum annual quantity: 800 t, - maximum annual quantity: 5,000 t.
minimum annual quantity: 3,000 meals, maximum annual quantity: 9,000.
The maximum annual quantity of orders is fixed within the following limits:
It is a single-award master-purchase order agreement with no minimum quantity and with a maximum annual quantity defined as follows: the maximum annual quantities of journeys are as follows: during the day (from 9:00 to 19:00): 4 regular departures in each direction serving all stops (cannes vieux port / napoule / thoule / la figueirette), 7 days a week, for the duration of the contract (100 days); an annual maximum of 800 day trips.
the framework agreement has no minimum annual quantity or maximum annual quantity. as an indication, orders estimated annually are as follows: acquisition of service and intervention (tsi) and associated services for the 6 sdis: 7000 jackets and 15 000 trousers.
this contract is a framework agreement with purchase orders with commitment to minimum and maximum annual quantities pursuant to articles 78 and 80 of decree no.2016-360 of 25 march 2016.The minimum annual quantity is 7 000 restaurants.La maximum annual quantity is 15,000 restaurant titles
2016-360 of 25 march 2016, issued as and when required by the department, whose minimum and maximum order for one year are indicated below: - standard bollard - composite material head - 500 mm anchor / anchor "cd 80" mass marking: minimum annual quantity: 500 / maximum annual quantity: 5,000.- 500 mm anchor / anchor installation tool: minimum annual quantity : 2 / maximum annual quantity: 8.- pintle (label tube) annual minimum quantity: 5002 / maximum annual quantity: 5,000.- batch marker / plaque: minimum annual quantity: 5002 / maximum annual quantity the framework agreement is concluded for a period of one year from its notification, renewable twice tacitly for the same period.
Geographical area of the district medico-social actions of the annecy basin: annecy-le-vieux pms, cruseilles pms, faverges pms, thnes pms, meythet pms, cran-gevrier pms, seynod pms, pms de rumilly, pms of la balme-de-sillingy, 2 medico-social centers (pms) of annecy minimum annual quantity: 120 measures maximum annual quantity: 220 measures.
Maximum annual quantity: 60 000 restaurant vouchers, For the initial period of the framework agreement (identical quantity for each renewal period).
contract with purchase orders with a duration of 1 year is renewable expressly 3 times without its total duration does not exceed 4 years, with setting of a minimum and maximum annual quantity. the annual order volume is: minimum 1 van - maximum: 3 vans.
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