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However, evaluation on the maximum dry density of the failed slope sample has revealed that it is a suitable slope material thus the slope has not failed due to low maximum dry density.
The Standard Proctor compaction test method (ASTM D698-07) was performed to see the effect of moisture content on the given density and to find the maximum dry density of the matrix soil.
The specimens were prepared at 95% of maximum dry density of the modified compaction test, and compacted in five layers using 4.
Shape and Compact to 102% maximum dry density to line and level.
The unconfined compression test (UCT) was carried out based on the compacted sample with moisture content at 95% maximum dry density.
The compaction behavior of recycled aggregates mixed with 5% to 25% sand, cement and brick was evaluated by Melbouci (2009), who made the following observations: (1) addition of 10% by mass of cement to RCA, leads to the maximum dry density and a low optimum moisture content; (2) Addition to RCA of crushed brick particles having sizes lower than 0.
The main parameters considered are the maximum soaked stability and the maximum dry density, meanwhile other parameters should meet the specification at the proposed ORAC.
The mix design includes the determination of maximum dry density and optimum moisture content.
9% of water (OMC) is added and the soil is compacted in compaction test mould in 3layers with 25blows per layer, so as to get the maximum dry density.
Laboratory tests were carried out to determine the various properties like particle size distributions, maximum dry density, optimum moisture content, bearing capacity and swelling ratio.
Included in this alternate should be the cost to backfill the foundation excavations using spoils (screened to remove deleterious debris) placed in 8 inch loose lifts and compacted to 95% of the maximum dry density (as determined using ASTM D-1557).
It can be observed from the test results (Table 2) that maximum dry density varies from 14.
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