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Value of Evaluation index in each model model Correlation coefficient RMSE Correct rate GBDT 0.82 0.35 0.62 State space model 0.98 0.12 0.99 model Maximum error value GBDT 2.77[degrees]C (5.6[degrees]F) State space model 2.20[degrees]C (4.4[degrees]F) Table 7.
In Table 1 and Figures 1-5, we can see that the maximum errors of approximated pollutant concentration are reducing while the Peclet numbers are decreased.
It shows that the proposed system performances in terms of the minimum errors, mean of errors, maximum errors, and estimation error distributions in each scenario.
Caption: Figure 18: Maximum error of shaped ADE and ADC antennas (-30 dB attenuation at [x'.sub.U]) as a function of N.
The inaccuracy mitigation measures will result in accuracy improvement up to 98% of the maximum error of Category 3.
We can visually observe that, among the three data items according to the empirical correlation, the data of Rohsenow correlation has the minimum error while the data of Corletti correlation has the maximum error with the experimental data.
It is possible in the first time to choose characteristics allowing the lowest error rate, but considering the current situation, it is more important to limit the encountered maximum error due to a wrong decision.
In particular, from Table 4, we know that the prediction accuracy of the experiment of number (4) is the highest with the maximum error of 0.1428 mm and the average error of 0.0149 mm.
The accuracy of the hyperbolic tangent approximation is evaluated using average and maximum error with variable m size memory and g amplification of signal [bar.s](n) [8], [15]:
The errors of the prediction scenarios are listed in Table 21 and the errors comparison of using different damage parameters with the optimal architectures of neural networks is shown in Table 22.Itcanbeseenfrom Table 22 that the maximum error using multiscale damage parameters is obviously smaller than that using strain damage parameter or acceleration damage parameter, while the prediction results based on multiscale damage parameter are better than those based on strain damage parameter or acceleration damage parameter.
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