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Inner loop: Find the optimum design, which has maximum expected utility, given that n tests were performed and x failures were observed.
Select the option that has the maximum expected utility.
By finding the maximum value of Equation 20, the decision maker can determine the maximum Expected Utility of the decision that he or she can afford.
In this section, we propose a expected utility maximization with power and retry limit allocation algorithm, maxEU-PRA, where the maximum expected utility [u.
Before timeout, it selects the node from which it receives the maximum expected utility to be its forwarder.
Step 5: After timeout, each intermediate node computes its REU based on the maximum expected utility it receives under different values of transmit power and retry limit.
where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] denotes the maximum expected utility for a given price P when agent A issues the mortality-linked security and [[bar.
The second constraint is the so-called participation constraint, which implies that agent A is willing to issue the mortality-linked security only when its maximum expected utility when writing the security is greater than its reservation utility.
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