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F(max)Maximum Frequency
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That's a CPU with a base price of $10,000, and it's maximum frequency isn't 5GHz -- it tops out at the far more sedate 3.8GHz, not far from where AMD's own Threadripper 2 is currently expected to land (Threadripper 2, at 32 cores, has a current expected turbo clock of 3.4GHz).
The latency of design is observed to be 4 clock cycles; whereas, the maximum frequency is 100 MHz.
Figures 58 and 59 report the comparisons of the maximum frequency content in this range for the two excitation tests done.
As filter decreases the maximum frequency of signal from fm to fm/2, sampling frequency required is also decreased to half (as fs [greater than or equal to] 2fm according to sampling theorem)[28].
The maximum frequency of the modeled hydrometeors between 8 and 12 km occurs in a reflectivity range of ~-15 to 0 dBZ, while the observed maximum occurs in the range of ~-25 to -15 dBZ.
In the above constraint conditions, [B.sub.max] represents the maximum bandwidth of N bandpass signals; [B.sub.G] represents protection bandwidth; [B.sub.i], [f.sub.DFi], [f.sub.AFli], and [f.sub.AFhi] represent the bandwidth, central frequency, minimum frequency, and maximum frequency of signal i, respectively, in the first Nyquist region after BPS.
Both models feature repeatable dot or bead dispensing in volumes as low as 5 nl per pulse, with a minimum droplet diameter of 300 [micro]m, depending on the medium, and a maximum frequency greater than 3,000Hz.
Among nematodes, Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White) chitwood showed the maximum frequency percentage (72.3%).
Because the maximum frequency of the rumbling sound is about 500Hz, it is unnecessary to use an order of more than 10 orders.
The maximum frequency for THD computation is Nyquist frequency.
Conclusion: Blood group 'B' had the maximum frequency and 'AB' had the minimum occurrence among blood donors of District Nowshera.
While there are no governor switches when a user enters a benchmark (at least, we can't seem to see that's the case), the minimum frequency of the little cluster jumps to the maximum frequency as seen under performance governors.
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