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The established EU maximum permitted levels are 160[micro]g OA equivalents (OA, DTXs, pectenotoxins) per kg shellfish meat (160ppb).
The maximum permitted level is 100 per cent of deposits.
Tesco fresh leaf spinach had almost 4,300mg of nitrate per kilogram, almost double the maximum permitted level of 2,500mg/kg.
Parliament also voted to strengthen the ban on pentaBDE, or pentabromodiphenyl ether, to give it its full name, by reducing the maximum permitted level of residues of this substance in other substances to 0.
31 March 2009 - 10 containers of Chinese-imported organic soya expeller (a processed form of soya), which had been quarantined by the Danish Plant Directorate since mid-January for having tested positive for melamine, have now been given the green light for use in animal feed after counter analyses showed that the level of melamine was not with certainty above the maximum permitted level of 2.
MEPs had already called for these measures in their first reading of the proposal, which had recommended reducing the maximum permitted level of residues of pentaBDE in other substances to 5%.
It also wants to strengthen the ban on pentaBDE, or pentabromodiphenyl ether, to give it its full name, by reducing the maximum permitted level of residues of this substance in other substances to 0.
The maximum permitted levels of pesticide residues in foods are stipulated by regulatory bodies in the UAE.
The maximum permitted levels of pesticide residues in food are stipulated by regulatory bodies in the UAE and exposure of the general population to such residues most commonly occurs through the consumption of treated food sources.
Shellfish flesh samples are tested for three groups of algal toxins toxin for which maximum permitted levels are set by the EU legislation - amnesic shellfish poisoning toxins (ASP), paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins and lipophilic toxins (LTs) which include diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxins (DSP), pectenotoxins, yessotoxins and azaspiracids.
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