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INPUT: Transition Matrices [tm.sub.1], [tm.sub.2], ..., [tm.sub.t], Timestamp t, Entropy Threshold [theta] Maximum Window Size MaxW 1: For each road [R.sub.t] do 2: Clear PATELQUEUE and PROB_QUEUE 3: PATH_QUEUE.ENQC([R.sub.f]) and PROB.QUEUE.ENQ(1.0) 4: For k = t to t - MaxW + 1 do 5: Set E = 0 6: Last_R = PATH_QUEUE.DEQ() 7: For each road it [R.sub.j] incident with Last_R do 8: Set p = [tm.sub.k] [[R.sub.t];][[R.sub.f]] x PROB_QUEUE.DEQ() 9: Set E += -p x log(p) 10: if E > [theta] then go_to line 12.
INPUT: Maximum Window Size MaxW OUTPUT: Decaying Factor h (1) Set f(h,MaxW) = ([h.sup.2] + (3 - MaxW)h + 1 - MaxW + [(-l/h).sup.MasW-1)]/[h(h + l).sup.2] (2) Set Left = 1 and Right = MaxW - 1 (3) Set h = MaxW - 1 (4) while Left < Right do (5) Set mid = (Left + Right)/2 (6) if f(mid, MaxW) > 0 then (7) if h > mid then (8) Set h = mid and Right = mid (9) else then (10) Left = mid (11) Return h To solve the above problem, the proposed technique allocates the minimum privacy budget to each timestamp using the BA algorithm, as shown in Figure 6(b).
Experiment Result about a Maximum Window Length (MaxW).
7 (e, f), we set different maximum window sizes and compare throughputs.
We can see that our model and experiments match well over a wide range of loss rate (from 0 to 20%) and maximum window size (from 10 to 100 pkts).
Kim's model only cares about the maximum window size, and in our experiments, all the maximum window sizes are set the same value (50 pkts) so it has the same curves.
* Slow Start: Starting with a window of one packet, a sender increases its window (number of transmitted packets awaiting acknowledgment) by one each time an acknowledgment is received, up to the prespecified maximum window. This results in a doubling of the window in each round-trip time.
* Congestion Avoidance: In this mode, the sender increases its window by one packet each time it receives acknowledgments for a full congestion window of packets (up to the maximum window).
* To ensure fairness, the CLP bit is set periodically (with period equal to the maximum window) on packets in connections that reach their maximum windows.
After determining the maximum window size, [W.sub.max], through the delay-based max-probing step, the protocol enters an adaptive logarithmic increase step after reducing the window through the decreasing parameter, [beta].
TABLE 1: New Features in CART5 * Very flexible handling of categorical variables ** automatic class detection ** specification of fractional values * Full support of character variable ** as independent variables ** as dependent variables ** as covariates * Data info window offers summary statistics * Grove files (stores information about the tree sequence that is necessary to apply the tree to a new data set) * Easy export of CART model information * Missing value summary report * Implementation of entropy splitting rule * 32-character variable names * Implementation of maximum windows path length (256 characters) * Improved navigator window * New summary reports * Additional tree details available for viewing/printing
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