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MLMMulti-Level Marketing
MLMMailing List Manager
MLMMusic for Little Mozarts
MLMMen Who Love Men
MLMMy Little Monster (Japanese manga)
MLMMulti Language Menu
MLMMulti Level Marketing
MLMMulti Longitudinal Mode
MLMMetadata Lifecycle Model
MLMMedia Lifecycle Management (Spectra Logic)
MLMMilitaire Luchtvaart Museum (Dutch: Military Aviation Museum)
MLMMail List Management (e-mail; software)
MLMMulti-Layer Mask (semiconductor process)
MLMMid-Level Manager
MLMMaximum Likelihood Method (physics)
MLMMagazine Lee-Metford (British bolt-action magazine rifle)
MLMMedical Liability Monitor (newsletter)
MLMMaine Lighthouse Museum (Rockland, ME)
MLMMorelia, Michoacan, Mexico - Municipal (Airport Code)
MLMMan Loving Men
MLMMulti-Longitudinal Mode
MLMMedicare Learning Network
MLMMilitary Liaison Mission
MLMMound Laboratory, Miamisburg (Ohio)
MLMManaging Local Markets
MLMMoving Liquid Mirror
MLMMillilumens (1/1000th lumen)
MLMMultipurpose Lightweight Missile
MLMMulti-Level Metallization
MLMMilitary Liaison Office
MLM[not an acronym] Middle Finger (emoticon)
MLMMulti-Level Bit Mapping
MLMMission Level Measure
MLMMeiLin Miranda (webnovel author)
MLMMulti-Layered Mirror
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Analysis was carried out by Maximum Likelihood method and the tree was constructed using MEGA7.
The maximum likelihood method requires representation of the probability density functions (PDF).
Author(s) Year Analysis method Flannery and Datta [3] 2007 Maximum likelihood method Xu and Tian [4] 2008 Maximum likelihood method Mensah et al.
Using maximum likelihood method, logistic regression coefficients b0 and bj and their standard errors are estimated and the same were used for the evaluation of fit of one or more models.
Modified Maximum Likelihood Method, Maximum Likelihood Method, Energy Pattern Method, Empirical Method and Method of Moments, to calculate the values of c and k.
We estimate these quantities by replacing [xi] and [beta] their estimations with maximum likelihood method. And the simple empirical estimator [N.sub.u]/n is taken to an estimate of [bar.F](u).
The maximum likelihood method is known to give the same estimates as the method of moments in case of nontruncated normal distribution (see e.g., Casella and Berger, 2002).
Two trees were performed: the first with Maximum likelihood method (Figure 1), in which shows the tree with the highest log likelihood (-1074.2304); was constructed automatically, with the heuristic search by applying Neighbor-Join algorithm with a matrix of pairwise distances estimated, using MCL method; after selecting the topology with a value greater likelihood log.
Hosking [23] provided the arithmetic procedure for parameter estimation with maximum likelihood method.
We use the full information maximum likelihood method to estimate the parameters for each market scenario and then apply pairwise tests, proposed by Voung (Econometrica, 1989) to select among the models.
This latter procedure, referred to as Generalized Maximum Likelihood method (GMLE), restricts the shape parameter estimations to physically reasonable values (MARTINS; STEDINGER, 2000).
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