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MXMexicana (airline code)
MXMerry Christmas
MXMiddlesex (English County)
MXManx (cat breed; Isle of Man)
MXMontreal Exchange (Canada)
MXMutually Exclusive (condition)
MXCompania Mexicana de Aviacion (IATA airline code)
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MXMaximum Exposure (TV show)
MXMessage Exchange (Nortel)
MXMaintenance Code
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They were all bad, and I can't bear to show them; I can write poetry easier and better, Miss Maxwell.
Miss Maxwell came and sat by Rebecca's side on the bench.
What Rebecca thought of Miss Maxwell we already know; how the teacher regarded the pupil may be gathered from the following letter written two or three months later.
From this basis, Maxwell proceeds to the most basic problems of the philosophy of science.
com/celebrity-news/news/kristen-stewart-has-moved-in-with-girlfriend-stella-maxwell-w480367) US Weekly that Maxwell did not let go of her apartment in New York, but the 26-year-old Victoria's Secret model is spending all of her time at Stewart's home in Los Angeles.
As Automobile Trade journal reported in March 1918, "It was at the dinner of the Maxwell-Chalmers dealers (and distributors), which was held in Chicago during the week of the Chicago Show, that the latest addition to the Maxwell line--a new farm tractor--was revealed.
Maxwell taught in LCC's auto mechanics program from 1966 until his retirement in 1986.
Maxwell provided 52,650 SF of clear red oak flooring for the 200,000-SF Bentonville museum, said Tommy Maxwell, president and CEO of Maxwell Hardwood Flooring.
The momentum of leasing at Maxwell Place shows that retail does best when it is anchored in a densely populated high-end neighborhood, even when retail growth nationwide has slowed, according Toll Brothers' senior vice president, Ben Jogodnik.
Maxwell was born in Leominster on April 11, 1936, daughter of Albert and Ida (Giangiuli) DeAmicis and was a life long resident.
Stafford Crown Court heard that Maxwell had carried out a sixmonth reign of terror last year, targeting lone women in West Bromwich, Walsall and Birmingham.
Known for venting his spleen, McKay generated the subsequent thematic batch, the "Cities" poems, around 1934, a grouping that Maxwell perfectly describes as "one of the most polemical, most resentful, and most candidly oddball sonnet cycles in twentieth-century literature" (xxiv).