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MAYASMexican American Young Achievers Society (est. 1989; ethnic culture group; Ames, IA)
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What you will find in this article class="ulWhat structures Slovak Maya experts uncovered in the Guatemalan jungleWhat is LiDARHow the latest findings change the view of current knowledge about the ancient MayasWhat Maya agriculture looked likeWhat may have caused the collapse of the Maya civilisationSlovak archaeologists were passing a manmade stone line in a dense Guatemalan jungle on their way from the camp for years.
After the claim was filed, HomeWise became insolvent and the Mayas' contract was forwarded to Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, Inc.
The tacit argument of "Hbaatab kaaswelah" thus undercuts the legitimacy of non-Maya ownership of the ruins and the Maya cultural artifacts found there as the story ultimately asserts that Mayas were once owners of the land and will be so again.
It is important to take into account that the context of Gonzalez, Montejo and Cojti has been a polarized world in which the conflictive historical relationship between Mayas and Ladinos has culminated in the subordination of the former.
In this regard, we should recall that before the Guatemalan civil war of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mayas were not "Maya." More often than not, the term indios was pejoratively used or indigenas was paternalistically applied.