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MNTMount (Linux)
MNTTugrik (currency of Mongolia)
MNTMen's National Team (soccer)
MNTMedical Nutrition Therapy
MNTMolecular Nanotechnology
MNTMultiuse Network Team
MNTMulti Use Network
MNTMicro and Nano Technologies
MNTMaternal and Neonatal Tetanus (World Health Organization)
MNTMicro-Nano Technology
MNTMaladies Non Transmissible (French: Non-Communicable Disease)
MNTMaybe Next Time
MNTUnited States Mint
MNTMulti-use Network Project (Colorado)
MNTMiyaji-Nakabayashi-Takano (cryptography algorithm)
MNTMechanical Nociceptive Thresholds
MNTMinimum Number of Trees
MNTManitha Neyam Trust
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Maybe next time she will think twice about where she parks.
Maybe next time they run, we will not honor votes for them.
After 60 minutes, my legs were going, so maybe next time after 70 or 80 then so on," he added.
Mancini said: "Maybe next time if he goes to sleep earlier he can score three or four goals.
"Maybe next time they'll come back as full-price buyer."
Who knows, maybe next time you are in the trees you may spot a little gap in the distance, think of Seve and hope for the best.
Can the council please do something or maybe next time I visit Berlin I may hang a piece of rope over the Brandenburg Gate and use it as a swing.
But no, we'll definitely visit another time and if she can come, if she surprises me then fantastic but I know that she's got work so maybe next time.
Maybe next time you can dedicate an 6ght-minute electronic shoegaze epic to my beard, or my large collection of New York underground rap.
Maybe next time the Arkansas General Assembly will agree.
Beres, maybe next time you should help get the word out about what the museum has to offer in a more positive way.
Maybe next time they'll look at their similarities.