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MBARMegabar (pressure unit)
MBARMenu Bar
MBARMilitary Bolt Action Rifle (shooting)
MBARMarket Based Accounting Research
MBARMontecito Board of Architectural Review (Santa Barbara, CA)
MBARMemory Base Address Register
MBARMyocardial Beta Adrenergic Receptor
MBARMultiple-Beam Acquisition Radar
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Going from comparatively low air pressures of around 850 mbar inside the aircraft to those of over 1,000 mbar on the ground also puts housings under enormous strain.
The working vacuum of about 0,5 mbar is registered upon actuation of the third assembly of pumps HV-30000 (total capacity of 120000 [Nm.
Target: Ash Air Oil & Gas Ltd, Ash Air (NZ) Ltd, The compressor distribution and service business, Fox Air NZ Ltd, MBAR 2011 Ltd
The agreement was signed by Her Royal Highness Princess Dina Mired, director general of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, and the managing director of Al Mbar, H.
E Yousif Al Nowais, Managing Director of Al Mbar said, "Entering the Greek market is a milestone for us at Al Mbar as we seek to strengthen our reach, broaden our portfolio and develop long-term partnerships.
Speaking on Wednesday from Al Mbar's exhibition space at Cityscape Abu Dhabi, Yousef Al Nowais, managing director of Al Mbar said: "We couldn't be happier to confirm that we've started to hand the keys over to Bab Al Bahr's first residents.
Yousef Al Nowais, managing director of Al Mbar International Investments, says: "Al Mbar is committed to helping Aqaba and its community develop and flourish as part of its vision to revive communities and create landmark destinations.
Yousef Al Nowais, managing director of Al Mbar stated, "Jordan is of great strategic importance to the Mena region and we are committed to driving long-term sustainability and economic growth to Jordan through our mixed-use development projects.
With capacities ranging up to nearly 20 m3/h and ultimate vacuums between 70 mbar and 0.
Abu Dhabi: Al Waha, a combination of commercial, retail, hospitality and residential space in downtown Tripoli, which will be developed by Abu Dhabi-based Al Mbar is back on track as it was reinitiated in 2013, Yousuf Mohammad Al Nowais told Gulf News on Thursday.
Typical flow values of 18 ml/min max flow with 100 mbar back pressure for gas, 7 ml/min flow, and 600 mbar back pressure for water.