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3 Mbbl of SCO in 2012, sourcing upgrader feed from its Millennium mine.
Alliance Oil Company's total upstream volumes for 2010 stayed flat on the year at 16 mbbl.
The Dai Hung field has an estimated reserve of 250-350 Mbbl.
3] of high quality gas and 30 Mbbl of condensate were discovered at Jalalabad, some 18 km south-west of the existing Haripur oilfield.
Significant increase in production and reserves, Total proved (1P) reserves 2,655 Mbbl of oil and 553 MMcf gas as at 1 October 2015, 1,648 Mboe attributable to NTOG
The company has reported total proved and probable reserves of 3,443 Mbbl of oil and 81,863Mmcf of natural gas as of June 30, 2008.
It is estimated conservatively to contain a recoverable reserve of 100 Mbbl of oil from a 1,000 Mbbl of oil-in-place within a Lower Miocene reservoir.
The FPSO will have a storage capacity of 600 Mbbl with a peak fluid rate of 460 Mbbl/d, 80 Mbbl/d oil production, 275 Mbbl/d water injection and 20 MMcf/d gas handling capacities.
Offshore and Subsalt Discoveries, Oil & Gas Production by Key Companies, Brazil, Mbbl, 2000-2010