MBeanManaged Bean (Java management extensions)
MBeanManaged Bean
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For example, Web-based console used to monitor the EJB cache size would use the HTT'P adapter to access the MBean Server.
Oracle Coherence expert, Everett Williams, will outline the "secret handshake" of custom MBean configuration.
Oracle Coherence provides the ability to manage and monitor custom MBeans (i.
A new custom MBean available with the SL's Oracle Coherence Monitor dramatically reduces the overhead associated with the standard JMX MBean collection process, speeding the monitoring interval to as low as 10 seconds for large Oracle Coherence clusters.
Using an easy-to-install custom MBean, network packets containing monitoring metrics are compacted prior to transfer from managed nodes to a central MBeanServer.
As cluster size and load increases, the collection of JMX MBeans one-at-a-time can take significant processing time and introduce overhead on the cluster itself.
Browse available MBean attributes and assign their values as input to a variety of graphical objects in a web-based dashboard
Aggregate MBean attributes and other data sources to do things like provide subtotals over dimensions or time series
Define thresholds and actions based on MBean attributes or aggregated data
Create dashboards that include the ability to execute an MBean operation to facilitate the management of specific JMX enabled applications
Also, the addition of our advanced Custom MBean Creation Toolkit enables users to push the limits of the JMX standard, providing dynamic and on-demand instrumentation of all J2EE components," said Martin Milani, CEO of Intersperse.
4 release includes more plug-n-play Analytics Modules for infrastructure components, such as Linux, Websphere and MBeans.