MBITRMultiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (US military)
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Caption: Thales' AN/PRC-148 MBITR is used extensively by the US armed forces.
The MBITR gives you seven battery choices in addition to the Thales supplied battery, NSN 614001-487-1153, that comes with the radio.
Are there safety issues to the user or the MBITR with these CANNOT use batteries.
In patrol bases, the additional 5590s were used to run the MBITR through the night.
J-6686/U, NSN 5940-01-517-3990, powers the MBITR AN/PRC-148
The 146th ESB Black Key Remote Distribution Program has also been used to successfully support users of MBITR handheld radios for QRF teams on out-sites by combining the PJC initialization key and COMSEC radio key then sending these keys to remote users on the SIPRNet.
The contractor, Thales Communications, is adapting SOCOM's multi-band intra-team military radio, known as MBITR, to make it SCA-compliant.
The Hawkei was also equipped with Thales's Sotas vehicle communications system, Sophie optronics, MBITR radios, as well as Rockwell Collins' Polaris GPS.
The second was the surrogate headset, the MBITR Lightweight Urban Headset, used to evaluate the radio at AETF.
The PP-8481B/U comes fully loaded with AC and DC cables and two universal adapters to hold and charge BB-2590, BB-390, BB-516, BB-326, BB-388, BB-2588, BB-2800, BB-2847 and MBITR batteries.
Units would prefer a more sturdy radio, such as the MBITR multiband handheld system.