MBNQAMalcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
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Por su parte, Morales y Hernandez (2004) conceptuan que los criterios del MBNQA (Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award) han sido empleados por diversos paises para identificar las organizaciones que funcionan de manera excelente.
Strategy formulation framework for vocational education : integrating SWOT Analysis; Balanced scorecard QFD; Methodology and MBNQA educational criteria.
Since it is now widely publicized around the world as a standard of business excellence, the MBNQA framework is also now applied widely by academic researchers as the base to study TQM practices (Evans and Jack, 2003; Wilson and Collier, 2000).
most of which are based on the Baldrige Criteria, MBNQA has been able to extend the deployment of the criteria to a much wider base of organizations (Bobrowski & Bantham, 1994).
Power and Associates Awards) generated significant value for MBNQA winners (1.
We have both served as examiners for a Baldrige-like state quality award, and one of us served four terms on the Board of Examiners for the MBNQA.
Most of the performance assessment models such as MBNQA and EQA are based on fundamentals of quality management.
The US MBNQA model establishes three business categories: manufacturing, service and small business.
For example, the ISO 9000 requirements are worth about 200-300 points on the 1,000-point MBNQA criteria.
The contributions and scope of the commonly known quality approaches - ISO 9000 (same as BS 5750), Investors in People (IIP), MBNQA, EFQM, HCIMA - are examined, the authors asserting that effective implementation, and not the approach adopted, is the key to success.
This included the EQA and MBNQA criteria, and also other criteria which may be developed by the organization itself (see for example Sinclair[34]).