MCCAPManaged Care Consumer Assistance Program
MCCAPMcLennan County Collaborative Abstinence Project (Waco, Texas)
MCCAPMaritime CIS Contingency Assets Pool
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In the MCCAP model (see Figure 1), cognitive, affective, and behavioral modes of change are illustrated as elements that encircle or encompass all dimensions of the cube demonstrating the effect on the personal, professional, and institutional level of each competency.
The MCCAP model asserts that developing multicultural counseling competence is a dynamic and synergistic experience requiring continuous action, reflection, and reaction.
The MCCAP model suggests a set of three questions to provide a structure for a more thorough examination of one's current competencies and implement a concrete plan for professional development.
Figure 2 illustrates the relationships between various components of the MCCAP model.
A critical assumption of the MCCAP model is that competency building is a developmental process that is continuous and dynamic.
An examination of counseling professionals' interactions with clients illustrates the interplay of competencies, contexts, and modes of change as the MCCAP model is applied.
Using the MCCAP model (see Figure 2), the culturally competent counseling professional would consider their cognitive and affective reaction through the framework of personal context and the competency standard Understanding the worldview of the client: Beliefs and attitudes.
The MCCAP model may be used to understand the complex fabric of experiences, concepts, and feelings that may arise in the developmental process.
Within the MCCAP model, the therapist and his consultant or supervisor would develop strategies for growth based on his recognition of his affective and cognitive reactions to the client.
The MCCAP model was designed to provide a structure through which counseling professionals and counselor educators could address the multiple contexts that influence multicultural counseling competence.
There are several important issues to consider in future development and application of the MCCAP model.