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MCCOYMarion County Commission on Youth (Indianapolis, IN)
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"I've forgotten what sleep is," he explained to McCoy. "I'm all in.
"It's three o'clock," came McCoy's voice, still retaining its dovelike quality, but curiously muffled, as if from a long way off.
"It is most unusual, this gale," McCoy told the captain, in the lee of the cabin.
"What do you think?" he asked, pausing by the side of McCoy, who was making a breakfast off fried bananas and a mug of water.
McCoy finished the last banana, drained the mug, and looked slowly around.
'mcCoy ducked his head into the binnacle and watched the course set.
Captain Davenport compromised on a point and a half, and then went aloft, accompanied by McCoy and the first mate, to keep a lookout for land.
"The old navigators called the Paumotus the Dangerous Archipelago," McCoy said, when they had regained the poop.
"A hundred and ten." 'mcCoy shook his head doubtfully.
McCoy smiled soothingly, but the captain glared about him like a madman, fetched his sextant, and took a chronometer sight.
'mcCoy, you put her ashore on the one where the people are."
'mcCoy was noncommittal, though he said that in the Paumotus there was no reason why it should not be an easterly current.