McRELMid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (Denver, Colorado)
MCRELMcQuinn Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (University of Missouri; Columbia, MO)
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1" indicates that the benchmark is very closely related to another benchmark in the McREL database.
McREL is balanced leadership framework: Developing the science of educational leadership.
The toolkit provides three sets of thematically developed and grade-span specific (K-2 or 3-5) lessons aligned with both Common Core and McRel standards as well as resources with which educators can extend learning or design other lessons.
Specifically, longer superintendent tenure has a positive effect on student achievement, according to research by McREL, a nonprofit research group based in Denver.
Educators can review the content in light of appropriate McRel standards, listed on each topic, derived from the Mid Continent Research for Education and Learning.
2nd Edition), by Rachel Billmeyer and Mary Lee Barton; ISBN #: 1-893476-05-7; Copyright 2002; Published by McREL.
We met together as a staff to study the problem and conferred with Bob Marzano of McREL, who had worked with us the previous year in launching our authentic assessments.
According to a 2009 study by McREL (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning), a nonprofit, nonpartisan education research organization, students whose teachers participate in Learning Bridges courses score 13 to 21 percentile points higher than other students on district and state tests.
McREL collected data from teachers, including a year-end survey, as well as weekly implementation feedback logs detailing the program lessons or activities they used, how long they used the lessons or activities, whether children enjoyed them, whether a particular lesson was easy to understand, and whether the teacher liked the lesson or activity and would do it again.
Recognizing that the student outcomes they are trying to achieve go beyond state test scores, Expeditionary Learning worked with McREL to propose an updated model of student outcomes.
Both are consultants for McREL (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning), a Denver-based nonprofit organization created to help educators bridge the gap between research and practice.