MCFLMassachusetts Citizens for Life
MCFLMid-Continental Football League
MCFLMaximum Credible Fire Loss
MCFLMichigan Christians for Life
MCFLMuscat Community Football League (Oman)
MCFLMiddlesex County Football League (soccer; UK)
MCFLMagnetic Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
MCFLMidwest Cyberspace Football League (fantasy football)
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In MCFL, it is Zuari Fertilisers' intervention which has kept the company in the UB Group fold and Mallya will have to play second fiddle to Poddar.
La sentencia sobre MCFL iba dirigida explicitamente a apoyar la diversidad en la esfera politica, evitando la dominacion de grandes corporaciones empresariales a traves de exceptuar a las pequenas organizaciones politicas de las restricciones que, de otro modo, las excluirian de hecho de cualquier actividad politica por completo.
at 264 (stating that the fact that MCFL "was formed for the express purpose of promoting political ideas, and cannot engage in business activities" was crucial to the Court's holding).
constitutional protection under the MCFL test, see supra note 107,
80) The Court also rejected extending the MCFL exemption to nonprofit corporations who take some corporate or labor union money but whose "political speech [is] funded overwhelmingly by individuals.
75) a majority of the Court found that, as applied to MCFL, section
Nawras, a Qtel Group company, is also sponsoring the MCFL League for the fourth year.
Ten years after Buckley, the FEC ended up before the Supreme Court in MCFL in an effort to enforce the federal law prohibition on corporate and labor union "expenditures" in connection with federal elections.
inquiry and the kind of narrow, function-driven analysis seen in MCFL,
Congress did not elect to include any exemption of the kind crafted by the Court in MCFL.
Since MCFL had been established Supreme Court precedent for many years prior to enactment of BCRA, the Court assumed that when Congress drafted this section of BCRA, it was well aware that this provision could not validly apply to MCFL-type entities.
While what it means to be a bonafide newspaper is not defined in federal statutes or regulations, the Supreme Court discussed some expectations in the MCFL case.