MChemMaster of Chemistry
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* Guertin Resins * Kartner Mountaindustrie * Knapp Manufacturing * Lanxess-Borscher * Mchem Ltd.
Existe un sinnumero de dichas distinciones: MA, MS, MSc, MD, MAT, MBA, MEd, MSci, MChem, MComp, MEng, MMath, MPhys, MPhil, MRes, MAs, DEA, DESS, MSocSc, MSW, LLM, PhD, PhD (ABD), etc.
/ One needs to find it, dig it up, blow on it" ("Milosc jest, / lecz ukryta pod mchem. / Trzeba znalezc odkopac odchuchac") can be read in no other way but as an affirmation of love and its presence.