MCONMaster Controller (computing)
MCONMilitary Construction
MCONMethodist College of Nursing (Peoria, IL)
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The expected benefits include: - the collection of waste (paper, dead leaves, whole or broken bottles, aluminum cans ...) defiling the public space (car parks, parks and public gardens, playgrounds, surroundings of buildings, pedestrian paths and roads) of the city of mcon and mcon habitat, - the cleaning of the surroundings of waste collection areas and voluntary delivery points, the emptying and cleaning of garbage cans and wastebaskets, - a "territorial watch" function on the general state of cleanliness of neighborhoods.
Public transport of people within a radius of 30 km around mcon by category d, e and / or f coaches.
Main features: the mission consists of an audit of the annual reports of the public service delegations concerning the construction of a mixed biomass / gas boiler, then the operation of the new boiler room, the district heating network of mcon and its other facilities.
Main features: the services consist of assistance to the city of mcon for the development of its video protection.