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MdDSMal de Debarquement Syndrome
MdDSMaximum Datagram Data Size
MdDSMedia Documentation Distribution Set
MdDSMedical Device Data System
MdDSMaterial Declaration Data Sheet (materials disclosure)
MdDSMulti-Domain Dissemination System (PACOM)
MdDSMission Data Distribution System
MdDSMultimedia Digital Distribution System
MdDSMaintenance Data Development System
MdDSMission Data Debriefing Software
MdDSMetric Data Display System
MdDSMain Deck Hatch Closed & Dogged
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As Table 3 shows, however, the MDDs indicate that the indeterminacy specification is rejected relative to the benchmark specification even when taking into account the higher degrees of freedom afforded by the model solution under indeterminacy.
If poverty drives voters to desire patronage, as the demand-side perspective suggests, I should expect to see poorer, less-educated voters (particularly in the LDD) favoring the individual benefits over the national programs, whereas better-off, well-educated voters (particularly in MDDs) should demonstrate a relative preference for national benefits.
TIA described how, by providing the means to transmit, store, and convert important medical device data, MDDS are the cornerstone for an interoperable 21st century healthcare system that fully utilizes remote patient monitoring technologies to fully leverage PGHD.
The MWDI also houses the MDDS and Metropolitan Denver Dental Foundation (MDDF) administrative offices.
A Multiple-valued Decision Diagram (MDD) is a directed acyclic graph, representing a function f consisting of K variables: f : [{0,1, ...}.sup.K] [right arrow] {0,1}.
In addition, effects on employment rates were nearly as large for major depressive disorders (MDDs) as well as anxiety disorders.
Mine Detector Dogs (MDDs) are single-purpose, explosive detector dogs that are best utilized for "ground lane searches" to detect buried mines.
Representative calculated dynamic displacement-time histories of 30 m simply supported bridge are shown in Figs 3, 4 and 5, and max dynamic displacements (MDDs) and computed dynamic factors (DFs) are listed in Table 2 and compared in Fig.
It's called mal de debarquement syndrome, French for "illness from disembarking." Also known as MdDS, it has been known to affect people not only after traveling by boat, but also by airplane, train or car.
On the regulatory side, the FDA in February announced a final rule that classifies certain off-the-shelf or custom hardware and software products used with medical devices as Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS), or class I low-risk devices, making them exempt from pre-market review, but still subject to quality standards.
Deployed at mobile base stations, RAD's Mobile Demarcation Devices (MDDs), which support 1588-2008 as well as Synchronous Ethernet, lock onto the Grandmaster Clock, functioning as "slaves" to synchronize all elements within the system.
Mal de Debarquement Syndrome - to give it it's full title (or MdDS) is a little known about and little understood condition whereby the sufferer still feels 'all at sea' once they have disembarked back onto dry land.