MeTAHModèles et Technologies pour l’Apprentissage Humain
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The most popular languages are ACME (Williams & Carver, 2010; Garlan, Monroe, & Wile (2000), AESOP (Garlan, 1995), C2 (Medvidovic, Oreizy, & Taylor, 1997), Darwin, MetaH (Vestal, n.d; Vestal & Krueger, 2000), SAD, UniCon, Weaves and Wright (Medvidovic & Taylor, 2000).
Today, several ADLs are defined, to help in the development of component-based systems, such as Rapide [11], SADL [22], UniCon [34], C2 [37], Darwin [12], MetaH [31], Wright [1], and ACME [9, 10] from the "first generation" of ADLs and UML 2.0 [5], AADL [3], Koala [25], and xADL 2.0 [7] from the "second generation" of ADLs.
"I remember thinking when we beat Kerry (in the semi-final) that we were setting ourselves up for an ambush," recalled the Metah boss.
(92) Tsao MN, Metah MP, Whelan TJ et al: The American Society for Therapeutic radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) evidence-based review of the role of radiosurgery for malignant glioma.
BIG SHOOT: Filming began this week; TRAFFIC TROUBLE: Director of photography Ashok Metah and his crew